Steven Sacks

Age: 27
Affiliations: PLURkids — Detroit, MI; Global Energy Musik — Los Angeles, CA; House of Babylon — Chicago, IL / Indianapolis, IL; deephouse.com — Atlanta, GA
Contact: 404.336.6969 or steven@deephouse.com (much better)
Spin Schedule: Several out of state gigs
How long have you been in Atlanta? Three years
What genre do you usually spin? San Francisco House:. deep, funky, jazzy, disco, tribal.
What's your current top five? H-Foundation — Standing (remix); DJ Spen — Trapped When U Touch Me; Cricco Castelli — Sapore Latino; Sessomato — Moody (Dub Time); Martin Solveig — Heart of Africa
What's your all-time top five? Francois K — Tout Est Bleu; Kevin Yost — One Starry Night; Black Science Orchestra — Save Us (Funky Music); Bucketheads — The Bomb; Street Corner Symphony — Symphony for the Devil (Brit Jazz Disco Funk Dub)
Who are some of your major influences as a DJ? Why? They all play the best music so that is a given: DJ Harvey (UK) — Hands down, the best I've ever heard. Genius. Derrick Carter — Flawless technique, makes it look so easy. Mark Farina — Uh, it's Mark Farina. Jeno, Markie(Wicked,SF) — Build their sets from beginning to end like nobody else. So serious looking.
What artists do you currently admire? Why? DJ Harvey is the best house percussionist. Many of his records are live recordings and you can feel it when you listen, they are different than perfect electronic beats. Kevin Yost really captures a deep, latin, jazz feel and has a very distinct sound all his own. When you hear a Yost record, you know it is him right away. Dubtribe — They're fucking Dubtribe!
What qualities do you think make for a successful DJ? Practice, a desire for improvement, respect for all musical styles, hard work, and, most important, a love of the music.
Do you have any pet peeves as a DJ? People wandering around behind me during a set. Drives me insane. I'm trying to work here. Ask me a question in between mixes, fine, but don't walk, stand, drunkenly stumble or (god forbid) dance right next to me! It's hard to concentrate with thoughts of people going through your records, or the vision of a needle skipping because somebody bumped into you or the turntable.
Where do you see the DJ scene headed? People gotta dance, somebody has to play the music for them. There's no substitute for a live show, except a DJ, because a DJ is live, the mix is never the same, even if it is somebody else's music. New music will continue to come out at a regular pace, and some of it will actually be good enough to play! =D
What do you like about the Atlanta scene? Some of the clubs/spaces are really great, like Nomenclature, Yin Yang, MJQ and Center Stage. Oh, and Kevin O. He's my favorite Atlanta DJ.
Where do you see the Atlanta scene headed? Atlanta doesn't seem to have the problems with the law that many other big cities are having right now, and I think that is going to help Atlanta in the long run, as long as Atlanta lawmakers don't follow the mistakes some other cities are making.