Bulletin Board October 07 2000

LIFT'S SONG "Sunny Day," produced by Billionaire's Rick Beato, reached No. 1 status in the Garageband.com Little Nikki Contest. Little Nikki is the new Adam Sandler movie, and judges will choose one track from those who made the top 10 to include in the movie. It may not be too late to hear a local band on the big screen by casting your vote at www.garageband.com.
JACK ROBERTSON of the band Modify hosts a program on People TV, cable channel 12 (in Atlanta only), titled Electronic Music Television or EMT. The show, set to air Mondays at 11PM, focuses on the history of electronic music, as well as on the Atlanta scene. Electronic bands that want to take part can find more information at www.mindspring.com/~robertson2.