Daniel Gresham

Age: 28
Affiliations: Perfect, Kiss AM, The Drop @ Crescent
Contact: stevenquinn@mindspring.com
Spin schedule: Bimonthly Crescent, Ibiza & Laid Back Deep
Do you have any special events coming up? Oct 6 @ Crescent Room w/ Miles Maeda & Mark Fry; Oct 10 @ Crescent Room (The Drop) w/ Kevin O, Brian Dotson
How long have you been in Atlanta? 20 years
What genre do you usually spin? Soft porn & drunk house of the deep kind.
What's your current top five?
1.Toka Project — "Could've Loved Ya"
2. Fuze Action — "Samba" (Rae & Christian Mix)
3. Weekender — "Kneel Before Zod" (Full Length)
4. Miles Macha — "Beat It!"
5. Daniel Ibottson — "Comin 2 Get You"
What's your all-time top five?
1. My Bloody Valentine — "Soon"
2. Jungle Brothers — "Brain"
3. Azymuth — "Body & Soul"
4. Andres — "Out There in the City"
5. Sandy Rivera & Jose Burguon — "Living Me"
Who are some of your major influences as a DJ? Why?
Farina — energy and motivation, he's always been a positive force; Miguel Migs - consistency; Kevin Shields — he blows my mind.
What artists do you most admire? Why?
Anyone that wants to make a positive change, i.e. John Lennon, etc.
What qualities do you think make for a successful DJ? Humbleness, someone that wants to unify the scene and always remembers where the fuck they came from.
Do you have any pet peeves as a DJ?
Idiots that come up time and again and ask for songs with words or while I'm mixing.
Where do you see the DJ scene headed?
Far — the sky's the limit.
What do you like about the Atlanta scene?
The support and the energy people reciprocate.
What do you think the Atlanta scene needs?
1. More free festivals and more producers
2. To Spread love
3. Less ego
4. More unification
Where do you see the Atlanta scene headed? I wish I knew right now, but I don't. But I see a positive growth.