Local venues October 28 2000

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ATLANTA CIVIC CENTER, 395 Piedmont Ave., 404-523-6275


BILLY'S, 3180 Roswell Road, Buckhead, 404-365-0447

BLIND WILLIE'S, 828 N. Highland Ave., 404-873-2583

THE BRANDY HOUSE, 4365 Roswell Road, 404-252-7784



THE CHAMBER, 2115 Faulkner Road, 404-248-1612

CHAMELEON CLUB, 3179 Peachtree Road, 404-261-8004


CHECKERED PARROT, 5475 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross, 770-446-6917

CHILI PEPPER, 208 Pharr Road, 404-812-9266
This place is all about seeing and being seen. Leave the baseball caps and the cutoffs at home if you are planning on venturing out here. The dress is dictated by some of the great names in fashion, so think of this place as a Buckhead fashion show. The place is where some of Atlanta's best-known local celebs hang out, so keep your jaw off the floor. Special events are a regular, including art and fashion shows.

CHIP'S, 655 Patrick Mill Road, Winder, Ga., 770-307-2840

CJ'S LANDING, 270 Buckhead Ave., 404-237-7657

CLERMONT LOUNGE, 789 Ponce De Leon Ave., 404-874-4783

CLUB 513, 513 Edgewood Ave., 404-223-5132

CLUB LEGACY, 5563 E. Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, 404-298-5022

COBALT LOUNGE, 265 E. Paces Ferry Road, Buckhead, 404-760-9250
The new Cobalt features the old location's laidback, Lower East Side lounge ambiance placed in a South Beach mega-club setting. This multi-floor coliseum of clubbing seems to set a new standard for Buckhead, much the way the Fountainhead Lounge, under the same ownership, has placed its (almost too) intimate, two-tiered combination of raw brick and brushed steel in East Atlanta Village. The venue is a maze of open rooms and hidden lounges, plush decor, modern metal work and ambient lighting. The downstairs bar has high ceilings and grand tinted windows that look onto an envious Buckhead crowd.

COTTON CLUB see Planet Jam Cotton Club

COSMOPOLITAN, 45 13th St., 404-873-6189

CRESCENT ROOM, 1136 Crescent Ave., 404-875-5252
Descend the narrow staircase to enter this dimly lit, chic, cavernous venue. Candles are placed throughout to help light your way, as well as organically entwining ornaments. A long, glowing, curvaceous bar and plenty of plush chairs and couches await your plans with friends, co-workers or lovers. You can strike up a conversation or enjoy a visual diversion from the ever-changing art that hangs from the walls. On any given night you may see a top-notch live electronica act, DJ, interactive fashion experience or performance. A VIP area tucked sexily away in the back invites a more intimate chance to experience the subterranean sophistication or just the person you're with.

CULTURE CLUB, 800 Marietta St., 404-607-9992



DARK HORSE TAVERN, 816 North Highland, 404-873-3607

DARWIN'S, 1598 Roswell Road, Marietta, 770-578-6872

DEUX PLEX, 1789 Cheshire Bridge Road. 404-733-5900
Definitely a place you want both your dress and your manners to be their best. The upstairs French bistro serves some of the best cuisine in the city, no surprise considering its association with Mumbo Jumbo. Downstairs is the discotheque, a clean, wide-open space to see and to be seen. Little bars located in intimate nooks, as well as the more traditional sprawling bar, are not too far away from the amply spaced, recessed dance floor, which you should never set foot on if you don't want to be watched. Railing surrounds the entire dance floor, giving voyeurs vantage points and prowling predators as much eye candy as they want. There is also more intimate seating where you can chat, watch the wall of televisions, or just watch the wall of people. There's usually a DJ who can spin anything from French pop to Britpop to the most infectious house music. Experience the Secret Room fetish art and performance parties on Saturdays.

DOGWOOD BREWING CO., 1222 Logan Circle, 404-367-0500

DOTTIE'S, 307 Memorial Drive, 404-523-3444



THE EARL, 488 Flat Shoals Ave., 404-522-3950

ECHO LOUNGE, 551 Flat Shoals Ave., 404-681-3600

ECLIPSE DI LUNA, 764 Miami Circle, 404-846-0449

EDDIE'S ATTIC, 515-B McDonough St., Decatur 404-377-4976

EMORY-PERFORMING ARTS STUDIO, 1804 N. Decatur Road, 404-727-5050

EYEDRUM, 253 Trinity Ave., 404-581-0961



513 CLUB

FOX THEATER, 660 Peachtree St., 404-817-8700

FRONT PAGE NEWS, 1104 Crescent Ave., 404-897-3500

FUBAR, 1136 Crescent Ave., 404-873-6307

FUEL, 3073 Peachtree Road. 404-262-9111
Tired of clubs with neon-lined, black lacquered bars trying too hard to be the most hip, most posh place this side of the Mississippi? Have you gone to all the clubs in Buckhead and just gotten bored with all the pretension and over-hyped theme parties? Then refill at Fuel, which offers a straightforward, yet sophisticated, club experience. The industrial warehouse decor's raw, exposed brickwork and steel interiors will make a night of dancing or just hanging out with friends for a drink a pleasant, grown-up experience. On the upper level there is a catwalk on which you can look down on all the dancers either with envy or silent superiority. Whatever your stance, you'll most likely hear resident DJ Lil' Steven spinning your favorite songs from three decades — disco to new wave to Hi-NRG dance. The boost you'll get from Fuel is uncomplicated and honest — go the distance and you'll feel right at home.

FUSION, 550 Amsterdam Ave., 404-872-6411




THE HANGER, 117 N. Park Square, Marietta, 770-424-9711



INTERNATIONAL BALLROOM, 6616 New Peachtree Road, Doraville



JOHNNY'S HIDEAWAY, 3771 Roswell Road, 404-233-8026

JUNGLE ROOM, 3167 Roswell Road, 404-364-9149



KARMA, 79 Poplar St., 404-577-6967
Beneath the downtown high-rises and high-income urban flats sits the upscale nightclub and lounge, Karma. Here East meets Western glamorous indulgence in a temple-like setting. Handcrafted statues, authentic ornaments of the East and the dim illumination of candles characterize the interior. This pioneer of downtown nightlife begins the week on Thursday with Mercury Room, which features Retro and British Pop. Friday is Grit and Soul, cocktail tunes 'til about 1, then Deep House with DJ Molly, DJ Starboy and the madlove crew 'til the doors close. Saturday, House DJs like Michael Allen, Joe Livingston and George Greenly conduct the crowd of Atlanta's aesthetically elite, who dance the night away with the city as the backdrop.

KAYA, 1068 Peachtree St., 404-874-4460
Inside Kaya, there is a club and quieter bistro. The club, located in the back two-thirds of the building, is a full-energy pumping dance arena. An incredible light and video system, complete with fog, complements the top-notch sound system, creating a fantastic club atmosphere. Up front, things may be a little dimmer, but the energy is still high. The bistro can be a fast-paced dance area or a laid-back place to chill to some acid jazz. You never know what you will find in the bistro, but Kaya's taste is impeccable, so there is almost never a bad vibe. Between the bars is a long seating area, where it is much quieter than both the clubs. And they offer a coat check so you don't overheat.



LA BOUCHERIE, 9775 Medlock Bridge Road, 770-232-7775

LAKEWOOD AMPHITHEATER, 2002 Lakewood Way, 404-627-5700



MARTINI CLUB, 1140 Crescent Ave., 404-873-0794

MARY'S, 1287 Glenwood Ave., East Atlanta Village, 404-624-4411

MASQUERADE, 695 North Ave., 404-577-8178

THE METRO, 1080 Peachtree St. 404-874-9869
One reason the Metro is so refreshing, if that's the right word, is that it's so diverse. No matter who you are, you're bound to find someone at the Metro who's nothing like you. Miracle of miracles, the bar has started to attract that rara avis of the '90s: people who just want to hang out and have a good time. With any luck, they may be able to lure in a few more. It's primarily a gay bar, but no one checks your membership card at the door. If you feel like a freak in Buckhead (and who in their right mind wouldn't?), you'll probably fit right in.

MJQ CONCOURSE, 736 Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-870-0575
Passage into the Concourse is like stepping into a party flyer; the walls are strewn with colorful graphics, shapes, symbols, all accented with stylish lighting. The DJ booth is an air traffic control tower that transmits an array of musical signals. Wednesdays rolls away with British Pop, while Thursday the floor and four walls move to the pace of hip-hop laced snare breaks and deep bass. The weekends further fuel the equation. Friday, reggae, drum 'n' bass, hip-hop and assorted sounds of the city are connected to move the crowd. Saturday Kai, Kemit and Cullen play house, Deep to Disco to French. An array of folks populates this lair, from eccentrics to glams to dread heads to tipsy college kids.



9 LIVES SALOON, 1174 Euclid Ave., 404-659-7656

NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM, 44 12th St., Midtown, 404-874-6344
The legendary little big house in Midtown has been the backdrop for some of the city's most mind-altering exhibitions like Hawaiian Luaus, Studio Filthy Whore parties and explicit fashion shows. The club's interior features bizarre decorations, sensual installations and colliding artistic visions across the walls and throughout the halls of this eclectic nightspot. A cast of characters from square to unsane frequent this free-for-all art parlor and lounge. The speakers are always shaking to the hippest and sometimes most obscure sounds provided by an assortment of bands and Atlanta DJ's like Alex, Kai Alce and the Earthtone Soundsystem. The tradition of transition and expectation continues nightly with weekly and monthly events like Hustler, Urban Cowboy and the infamous Porno XXX parties.

NORTHSIDE TAVERN, 1058 Howell Mill Road, 404-874-8745



THE OPERA HOUSE, 325 Broad St., Rome, Ga., 706-235-4647

THE OTHERSIDE LOUNGE, 1924 Piedmont Road, 404-875-5238



PARADOX, 220 Pharr Road. 404-760-1975
A paradox is "a statement contrary to received opinion." It is also a club that attempts to fuse art, fashion and music under one roof. Located high above the heart of Buckhead, which you can witness from an outdoor balcony, Paradox is a classy joint dedicated to being more than just a nightclub. Original paintings or photographs from local artists hang on the walls of the main lounge area, or from the ceiling across from the long, illuminated bar. The sunken dance floor is perfect for the voyeur, for there are huge mirrors and couches that line the edge and wall. If you get tired of watching yourself or that person that keeps bumping into you, you can watch the mesmerizing kaleidoscopic light show projected on the DJ tower, from which some of Atlanta's finest spin nightly. Chinese lanterns and black light in the main lounge make for a sexy, intimate gathering for Atlanta's beautiful people. There is always something happening — fashion show, private party or industry nights — at Paradox, so always call ahead if you don't have a flyer for your chosen event. You'll be grateful that you did — their door policy is very, very strict. Dress well and bring the right kind of attitude, or you'll wind up being the paradox — you might think you deserve to get in, but that cute door guy may think otherwise.

PLANETJAM COTTON CLUB, 152 Luckie St., 404-874-9524

PLUSH, 3025 Peachtree Road. 404-266-1680
Opening night at Plush, the front entrance was overrun with a crowd of eager onlookers gathered outside in anticipation of entry. The wait was, however, well worth it. The club lived up to the hype and more. Metallic walls and stark white lights greeted patrons upon entrance to the first room. From there a staircase leads down to an ambient, low-ceilinged lounge. The dimly lit room was adorned with lavish furniture, neatly framed photos and carved candleholders. And this was just the first in a maze of rooms, each with its own impeccable character. Preston, sushi chef extraordinaire, serves upscale sushi dishes. So, along with an assortment of liqueurs, patrons will be able to get a taste of the East from his menu of traditional meals prepared with his own personal twist.



RED LIGHT CAFÉ, 553 Amsterdam Ave., 404-874-7828

RIVIERA, 1055 Peachtree St., 404-607-7277

ROOSTER'S, 2135 Fairburn Road, Douglasville, 770-949-3345

ROXY, 3110 Roswell Road, 404-233-7699



SAMBUCA JAZZ CAFÉ, 3102 Piedmont Road, 404-237-5299

SMITH'S OLDE BAR, 1578 Piedmont Ave., 404-875-1522

SOMBER REPTILE, 842 Marietta St., 404-881-9701

SPIVEY HALL, 5900 N. Lee St., Morrow, 770-961-3683

STAR COMMUNITY BAR, 437 Moreland Ave., 404-681-9018

STUDIO CENTRAL, 300 Central Ave.



[http://www.atlantaconcerts.com/tabernacle.asp|THE TABERNACLE, 152 Luckie St., 404-659-9022

TIN ROOF, 309 E. Paces Ferry Road, 404-842-0001

TRACKSIDE TAVERN__, 313 E. College Ave., Decatur, 404-378-0504