Forever changes

While the lo-fi aesthetics and emotional baggage of early '90s indie rock (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.) may have informed the music of Forever guitarist Ben Young, it was the genre's pop sensibilities that had the most lasting effects. Since 1994, Old Gold Records, a local label of which Young is co-owner, has issued several cassettes and one 7-inch EP of his original self-indulgent bedroom recordings — teetering between weepy and emotionally disarming pop songs — all under Young's pseudonym, the Bad Poet.
Beginning with last year's Necrofolia EP, however, Young began using a full band to help expand his musical horizons. As a result, percussionist Ben Lawless and bassist Matt Miller (both of instrumental trio Heavy Medical Hardware), along with vocalist Sunni McGarrity of Antique Erotica, began sharing the songwriting burden. As the music shifted from Young's personal melodrama to a more group-based effort, the Bad Poet evolved into a full band, Forever.
Forever's collaboration has now yielded Love Changes, a charming album of pop songs inspired by '60s psychedelic acts. Songs such as "Mansion Pool" and "Written in Jail" are laced with guitar riffs and lyrical references to Syd Barrett, while the group's name and CD title play on Love's Forever Changes album.
"Forever has a very sweet and soulful '60s feel to it and is more pop surrealism versus the emotional pop of my earlier work," Young says. "Initially, we called the group Forever, joking that we would break up within a week. No band lasts forever, but who knows? We've lasted this long. Maybe we will last forever."
Forever performs at its CD release party, 12-4 p.m., Sun., Dec. 17, at The Earl.