Chris Leclair

Age: 27
Affiliations:X-Mas Island, Dixie Sound Works, Fletch Productions
How long have you been in Atlanta? 23 years.
Spin schedule: Fridays at Whirlyball in Roswell with DJs Killa and Native Outlander. "House Arrest" at Kaya, many guest spots and fill-ins at Karma and Nomenclature Museum.
Upcoming Events: TBA - be on the lookout for happenings on the North side of town. A new facet to the Atlanta scene is forming in the Sandy Springs and Roswell area.?What genre do you usually spin? I play a good bit of pure and tribal techno, as well as plenty of house with some good (not Florida) breaks thrown in as needed.
What's your current top five?
Jacques Da Booty - DJ Cutz Vol. 1
Makesome Breaksome - Bong
Annie - Greatest Hit
Full Intention - Burnin'
Westworld - Techno Cop
What's your all-time top five?
Absolutely impossible to determine at his point.
Who are some of your major influences as a DJ? Why?
Juan Atkins, Coldcut, Fabio Paras, DJ J-Luv and Rob P. because they are my mentors - some more directly than others.
What artists do you most admire? Why?
Artists I admire: The Orb, because they really deliver much more than you even hear the first 20 times around.
What qualities do you think make for a successful DJ?
Being an ego-maniac helps, as well as standing out from the crowd and all of the "followers."
Do you have any pet peeves as a DJ?
Dirty children sitting down on my dancefloor, "rave gangstas" bringing hate, turntables turned sideways (hip-hop style) for no good reason.
What do you like about the Atlanta scene?
The rush hour traffic, and all of the wonderful and kind people I get to meet while sitting in it.
What do you think the Atlanta scene needs?
To do away with sanctioned playgrounds for drug-addled and morally depraved kids.
Where do you see the Atlanta scene headed?
All things must pass.