Eddie does disco

"For nine-and-a-half years, I have featured and supported the performing songwriter," says Eddie's Attic proprietor Eddie Owen, with a grin and shrug. "And that ain't changing. However, I've recently discovered that most my staff like to go to the Star Bar or other venues on disco nights. One thing has led to another, and now there's a disco night at Eddie's Attic."
Beginning with the first Sunday in January, the popular Decatur nightspot — internationally known as a living shrine to acoustic music — has opened its doors to the glitz and polyester set during "Boogie Nights With the Disco Deacon."
Owen describes the Deacon as a '70s music specialist, adding, "He has 'em all, knows how to do it and is very excited about doing it." Attic employee Amy Cochran says, "The Disco Deacon is actually a boyfriend of one of our wait staff. He already helps run one of the other disco nights in town, and he's promoting this himself in places we don't normally advertise."
As if it isn't odd enough that the Deacon will be spinning discs from the same stage where the Indigo Girls and Shawn Mullins earned their fame, the Attic will also be stripped of its trademark furniture, including those notoriously unmoving tables.
"The tables come up pretty easy, with four bolts," says Owen. "It's like changing a tire. I'll be getting a lot of use from the electric drill I got last Christmas."
"Boogie Nights With the Disco Deacon" is held at Eddie's Attic, Sunday nights in January.