Bulletin Board January 27 2001

Homefront. Beginning this week, you'll notice the space on this page underneath the "Earshot" headline now contains a quote of the week. Each issue we'll print some fascinating thing said relating to local music. To collect these quotes, we'll occasionally solicit responses to a question sent directly to local musicians through an e-mail mailing list. If you are actively involved in local music and would like to be included, send your e-mail address to localmusic@creativeloafing.com; subject line "email for quotes."
First the Lakewood Freeway becomes Langford Freeway, now this? In this weeks' corporate sponsorship report, the official new name of Lakewood Amphitheatre, the South Atlanta outdoor arena booked by House of Blues, is HiFi Buys Amphitheater. Catchy, eh?
Walk on. Jan. 15 saw the re-release of 99X's Live X 6 Walk Unafraid (A benefit for Human Rights) CD, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The album features otherwise unavailable live, unplugged versions of songs from a variety of artists including R.E.M, who perform the title track, and Collective Soul. Michael Stipe even shot the cover photo. Proceeds from sales benefit SPLC Georgia Litigation Fund and the Georgia Equality Project. It's available at all Atlanta Wherehouse Music locations and at www.99X.com.