Rob Reum

Age: 33
Affiliations: Deeptribaldubdisco Recording; co-owner with Lil' Steven — Smile-N-Nod
Contact: www.djrobreum.com
How long have you been in Atlanta? Eight years.
Spin schedule: Tues., Wed., Sat. and Sun. at Backstreet; Thursday "CherryBomb" at the Riviera Club
Upcoming Events: Steven and I just finishing up a Smile-N-Nod EP to be released on vinyl mid-spring.
What genre do you usually spin? House and big room.
What's your current top five?
1)"I wanna be with you" — Chocalate Puma — White Label
2)"Higher Things" — Kim English - Nervous
3)"What you do" — Big Bass — Stonebridge Recording
4)"Pilgrimage to Paradise" (Timo Maas mix) — Sourmash — Hooj Choons
5)"Pulsation" — Illicit — 99 North Featuring Shannon
What's your all-time top five?
1)"What a Sensation" - KenLou — Master at Work
2)"Been a long time" — Funky Green Dogs — Murk Recording
3)"Passion" (Twitch remix) — Gat Decor — BMG-UK
4)"Plastic dreams" — Jaydee — R & S records
5)"You're the best thing" (Sasha mix) — D-Ream — Magnet Record
Who are some of your major influences as a DJ? Why?
Johnny Vicious, Tedd Patterson, Derrick Carter, Stuart Gardner, Joe T Vannelli and any DJ that can do a 6-12 hour set and take some chances and still have the mindset to play one(thank you)for the crowd.
What artists do you most admire? Why?
Any artist who takes the time to go back into the recording studio and lay down a more upbeat vocal (accappella)for a song. It make it easier when are trying to create a dance mix of a very popular song.
What qualities do you think make for a successful DJ?
Mixing; understanding a room and creating energy, vibe. Let the crowd know there is somebody in the booth and not a 500-disc CD changer.
Do you have any pet peeves as a DJ?
Please don't bring me music out of your car. I have a full vinyl collection.
What do you like about the Atlanta scene?
How well DJ's get along. Not every time, but much better then other major cities.
What do you think the Atlanta/DJ scene needs?
One or two more large venue clubs, like the other big name cities.
Where do you see the Atlanta scene headed?
It's fun and exciting again. Record label are noticing the talent in Atlanta. A handful of DJ/producers who have paid there dues are getting signed. That's good for the whole scene.