DJ Caleb

Age: Classified
Affiliations: Overeasy(Crescent Room), Groove Chateau(Muzik, Siena, Italy), the Big Hit(Crescent Room), eleven50, Trinity and umix.net
Contact: CALEB360 at HOTMAIL.COM
How long have you been in Atlanta? Six years.
Spin schedule: Rotating Saturdays @ the Big Hit (Crescent Room) and elevn50. Once a month party known as Overeasy @ the Crescent Room accompanied by live musicians.
Upcoming Events: Umix.net is an Internet music/event information site that I will be involved with. It will be live and programmed mixes for your listening pleasure.
What genre do you usually spin? Everything from souled-out jazzy hip-hop to house.
What's your all-time top five?
"If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago is definitely in there.
Who are some of your major influences as a DJ? Why?
Tough. I like Joshua (aka IZ), Mark Farina, Luke Soloman, etc. I like the creativity in the way they play. It's not beat-mixing that makes you an entertainer.
What artists do you most admire? Why?
Any artist who takes the time to go back into the recording studio and lay down a more upbeat vocal (accappella)for a song. It make it easier when are trying to create a dance mix of a very popular song.
What qualities do you think make for a successful DJ?
A good ear for everything and a broad appreciation for music. You got to have a nice record collection also. You will need a pair of headphones occasionally.
Do you have any pet peeves as a DJ?
Hells yes. You heard them all before. Dumbass requests, crap sound, and weak promotion.
What do you like about the Atlanta scene?
There's some guys here in town really doing good things for the music.
What do you think the Atlanta/DJ scene needs?
There's some good crews in Atlanta, but we need more of them. Buckhead has expanded unfortunately for all of us.
Where do you see the Atlanta scene headed?
I have no idea. I'll have to call Lady Cleo for that kind of information.