Mudcat Grows Horns!

How does a bandleader look for new bandmates? Visit jam sessions? Place ads in the paper? Call around for referrals? Forget that. Just look for a girl on rollerblades — in Paris.
That's where Danny Dudeck, aka Mudcat, leader of the band of the same name, found Julie Goldstein, a Chicago-based saxophonist, vocalist and newest member of the band. Goldstein skated by as Dudeck, on tour in Europe, sat at a Paris café with a mutual friend. The trio struck up a conversation and a hastily arranged jam session followed.
"After we played, he tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'So when are you coming to Atlanta?'" she says. Attracted to Mudcat's improvisational approach, Goldstein said yes, and debuted with the band at the Northside Tavern last month.
Goldstein is the second horn player to recently join the band, the other being trumpeter Mico. "Now, with two horns, it's like a team," Dudeck says. "The trumpet makes a lot more sense and [Chris Uhler's] congas make a lot more sense."
Dudeck feels the band is "at the start of a great growth period," pulling out of a low ebb with the recent departure of vocalist Lori Beth Edgeman and drummer Janet Daniels. Fans probably haven't seen the last of either of them, particularly Daniels, but Jason Reichert has returned on drums for much of the band's upcoming work.
Mudcat also has a new CD available, a 500-copy pressing of a six-song, 28-minute live recording made at Northside last April by Rob Gal of the Snack N Shack Studio. It's available at shows or by mail.
Mudcat plays the Northside Tavern, Sat., Feb. 10; the band also plays Thursdays at Comeaux's Louisiana Grill and Bar and Wednesdays (Dudeck solo) at Northside.