Bulletin Board March 14 2001

Gala gallery gig. The Contemporary Gallery (formerly Nexus) begins a monthly series of free local music showcases. The first event, organized by CL's Lee Smith, includes the Rock Coaches, Posh Digs and the Young Antiques. It coincides with the gallery's biennial gala, March 30. Bands wanting to be involved in future events can contact Candice Bennett at 404-688-1970.
It's an Athens thing. This year's AthFest 2001 compilation CD is out. It's exploding with 17 Athens bands and musicians including 11 previously unreleased songs, so what are you waiting for? The next R.E.M. may be lurking within. All details about the disc and the upcoming June 21-24 event are at www .athfest.com. Bands that would like to play the festival can still apply through the website.
Bach on a Hook, featuring esteemed photographer Chris Verene, steps up to the microphone on this week's Georgia Music Show, which returns from spring break. It's on WRAS 88.5 FM, Saturday from 5-7 p.m.
Grrl-talk. Those braving Austin for SXSW might want to cheer on Doria Roberts at the appropriately named "Grrl By Grrl Fest," scheduled for Sat., March 17. She joins a star cast including the Butchies (who accompany Amy Ray on tour, including the March 29 Echo Lounge date). The busy Roberts heads back home March 20 for the Georgia Tech Women's Awareness concert. Not to be outdone, country-grrl Greta Lee is spending three days in Austin performing at a variety of showcases.