Sharp Notes March 14 2001

Crime doesn't pay. So So Def label impresario Jermaine Dupri just finished serving a three-day stint in the Fayette County Jail for missing jury duty two years ago. No word yet if he'll be sentenced for producing some legal yet lousy, commercially stagnant, hip-hop albums. In more creative news, Dupri has co-produced a "reality-based" film, On the Come Up at the Source Awards, a story about three women who use tricks to gain entrance to last year's Source Awards. The 120-minute DVD version (40 minutes longer than the VHS) includes behind-the-scenes footage of the event, including the brawl that caused it to be shut down. So So Def artists Jagged Edge and Da Brat make appearances.
God save The Kinks. Just in time to release their new V2 album and begin their "Brotherly Love" tour with Oasis, Atlanta's favorite feuding brothers the Black Crowes have sued Lloyds of London for "breach of contract and bad faith" over the band's cancelled tour dates with the ailing Jimmy Page late last year. The colorful Crowes are seeking damages for millions of dollars of lost profits and expenses incurred in the preparation for the cancelled dates. Clearly, Lloyds won't be insuring the new tour, which nobody in their right state of mind thinks will be hassle free.