Get your O" face on"

Satisfaction isn't just by the Stones

Some people go their entire lives searching for the big "O." Some women never find it. Some men never give it. I found some fulfillment in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, as long as you don't look for anything you can't find (i.e. can't afford), you'll find what you're looking for. As much as Vegas takes — and it takes on average more than you have — Sin City seems to offer something lacking in Atlanta: satisfaction.

From high-priced, street-legal one-of-a-kind adult hallucinations such as my first "O," Cirque du Soleil's aquatic aerial masterpiece of that name, to free shows every corner, Vegas is full of fleeting moments. But they're a fleet of moments you remember and sing about for weeks. So indulge me a warbling moment.

Maybe it's the lights, maybe alcohol, but sometimes a song just fits. Other times, the lights, the music, the people all drive you into fits. You don't see women lining up to get into strip clubs, but you do see them lining up to get into the MGM Grand Hotel's Studio 54. Oddly, once you get inside Studio 54 — if you get inside — wasted girls act like strippers. Sometimes, I guess, some people can't separate "ass" from "class."

Was Studio 54 an interesting, entertaining, albeit cheesy space? Yes, full of metal balconies and elevated go-go dancers. People make asses out of themselves, performing routines I'd usually spend a $10 for. Lights stream, with an entire disorienting wall of them that radiates heat when it shocks to life. Alcohol is in abundance. They play the same filtered funk (Daft Punk's "One More Time," Madonna's "Music") you can hear in Atlanta. It also was like this in the Luxor's Ra nightclub the time I saw DJ Rap. But did any songs surround me, surprise me, protect me and preserve me? Not a one.

Actually, my most memorable moment in Vegas was with real strippers, in Cheetah's, watching a girl dance to Creed's "Higher," a song I'd found repugnant only moments before. But the volume, the lights, the girl's smooth motions — like headlights streaking down the other side of the highway, these things transfixed me in a bubble I wasn't even aware I was in until later, a bubble I would have popped if I'd been aware of it.

If people, myself included, didn't sit to the side or even stand on dance floors, thinking "I've-seen-it-all-before," then more might find themselves sighing as satisfying an "Oh."??