Age: 26

Affiliations: Intelligent Life Form, Kula, SEKS, Converge, Plane Rep, ATL

Contact: www.intelligent-lifeform.com, kula.topcities.com, www.planerep.com, ecotekh@mac.com

How long have you been in Atlanta? 20 years.

Spin schedule:??
Weekly: Masquerade - Downtempo Lounge - Kula Recordings; Cresent Room - Landing - Kula Recordings; Nomenclature Museum - Kula Recordings??
Monthly: 2115 Faulkner Rd (the Chamber) - SEKS; Nomenclature Museum - FREEFORM - Last Thursday of the month

Upcoming Events:??
March 26 - FREEFORM - Nomenclature Museum - Kula; March 31 - DJ Spooky - Masquerade - Kula; March 31 - MARA - 2115 Faulkner Rd (the Chamber) - SEKS; May - Freaky Chakra vs Single Cell Orchestra - Kula

What genre do you usually spin???
Ambient/Minimal Techno/Deep Tech House

What's your current top five?

1. Various - "State of the Art Heirloom" - Toshoklabs??
?2. Detroit Escalator Co. - "Excerpts" - Peacefrog

3. Wonderground - "Healer" - Flying Rhino

4. Markus Gunter - "Regensburg" - Kompakt

5. Cutterblade - "s/t" - Process

Who are some of your major influences as a DJ? Why?

The exploration of sound creation and manipulation are by far the driving influences in my life. I try to convey this in my sets.

What qualities do you think make for a successful DJ?

Reliability, dedication, & the patience to fully learn the craft of DJing, before taking the steps to promote oneself.

Do you have any pet peeves as a DJ?

Playing on poor equipment is probably by biggest pet peeve. I'm fairly easy going, so I can usually manage.??
?What do you like about the Atlanta scene?

It's diversity and unity amongst the various genres.

What do you think the Atlanta/DJ scene needs?

A better investment, by the local promoters, in the vast amount of local talent.

Where do you see the Atlanta scene headed?

Future music such as experimental, ambient, and minimal are making their presence known in the world. Atlanta is no exception. They will play an essential role in the future of Atlanta's scene.