Nothing Inside diversifies into DarkRealm

Unable to find a record company that would offer the creative control the band needed, local dark-wave/synth-pop act Nothing Inside has started its own label, DarkRealm Multimedia.

"DarkRealm is the result of several years of our growing dissatisfaction with the music industry in general," says company president Rome Clegg, Nothing Inside's frontman. "We went into serious discussions with other labels several times, but we were not able to find the freedom we wanted to have in the creation of our music."

DarkRealm will allow Nothing Inside, who have built a cult following playing at local clubs and events such as Dragon*Con and Love Camp, to control its own music. The company also is already home to 10 other bands, and currently has a full slate of projects for release over the next year, with styles ranging from the Celtic synth-folk of VenusFalling to the Pigface-like rotating lineup of Blurred Vision.

"We like to think that, to a large extent, the music that we offer defies classification," says Mindy Clegg, who serves as vice president of promotions and back-up vocalist for Nothing Inside. "We don't intentionally put any of our projects into any particular one of the many narrow categories that seem to exist in the industry today."

In addition to functioning as a record label, DarkRealm also will offer software development, technology consulting and print publishing services. Say Mindy, "Our intent is to diversify."

Nothing Inside perform at the DarkRealm launch party Thurs., March 29, at the Masquerade.??