Hot band alert: Random Noun 37 arrives

Though they've only been at it for a short time, the five ambitious young lads of Alpharetta-based modern-rock band Random Noun 37 are clearly headed in the right direction. The group caught the attention of local music critics with a beautifully constructed press kit. "We know how saturated with product the market is," says lead singer Robbie W., "so we felt a well-executed publicity campaign would best enable us to secure interest from the industry."

The press kit's purple folder, made of durable plastic with built-in binder clips, far outshined similar band submissions that arrive wrapped in only a plain manila folder or, worse, no folder at all. Equally impressive was a full-color poster and the dozen or more colorful band stickers included in the package. Featuring RN 37's ultra-cool logo, these were quickly distributed to staff and affixed to car bumpers in the parking lot.

While RN 37 did not include a recording of their music, nor did they indicate upcoming gigs, the group's position as an independent act vouched for its credibility. Particularly impressive was a sheet in the band's press kit that indicated RN 37 had "shared the stage with" a list of notable bands taking up two columns (double-spaced). Another page, titled "Our Influences," indicates that the band skillfully incorporates elements of Stroke 9, Blink 182, SR-71, Eve 6, Matchbox 20 and, of course, Creed, into something completely their own.

"With the current interest in rap-rock, we've considered adopting a Linkin Park influence," says RN 37 guitarist Petey Z. "We're shopping for investors to help us secure a turntable and recruiting a frontman with blond dreadlocks."

Whatever direction the band goes, it's sure to point straight to top of the heap. "I see a lot of bands come and go through here," says Calista Tannenbaum, former intern for 99X's Leslie Fram, "and I gotta say, these guys have what it takes to be next."

Random Noun 17's CD release party is held on April Fool's Day.??