Local Releases April 04 2001

SLIMM CALHOUN, The Skinny (Aquemini Records); debut by rapper; first release on OutKast's label; features OutKast and other Dungeon Family members; opening for OutKast, April 7-8, at the Fox Theatre.

CO-ED, Utopia (Universal); debut from two-male/two-female R&B vocal group; recorded in part at Patchwerk Studios; guests include Big Gipp and Beenie Man; www.co-edmusic.com.

JFK, Jax Forever King (Binkis); second release by rapper Jax; produced by Looplandscapers; contact: 404-633-0989.

MICHAEL LEVINE, Live Acoustic (Watertown Music); solo debut by singer/songwriter; recorded live at Eddie's Attic; www.michaellevine.net.