Local Releases April 11 2001

OF MONTREAL, Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies (Kindercore); sixth release by Athens indie pop band; concept/psychedelic album from Elephant 6 crew; www.angelfire.com/ga/ ofmontreal

CHOCOLATE KISS, Set Yourself on Fire (Moodswing); third album by indie-rock quartet; record at Slimmer Twin Studio with Brooks Meeks; release party Thurs., April 12, at the Echo Lounge; www.moodswingrecords.com

THE ETHER FAMILY PRESENTS ..., Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sub Real); second CD by indie pop quartet; concept album; playing The Earl, Sat., April 14; etherfamily .subrealsongs.com

MINAMINA GOODSONG, Time for Breakfast (Royal Fuzz); debut CD by Kaleidoscope/Plainzwalkerz rap duo; features members of pH Balance and My Cousin Troy; www.minaminagoodsong.com