Raw ambition

Final Destination — only halfway there

It's any parent's nightmare: a car full of noisy kids repeatedly asking, "Are we there yet?" This past weekend, cars of kids (albeit older kids) pulled up to newly opened Club Destination, located one exit below I-20, off I-75/85 on Pryor Road, to find out if all the noise and hype were true. Destination's proud parents had to answer: not just yet, but getting there.

Opening night was Thursday for the renovation-in-progress former warehouse Destination — advertised as Atlanta's "superclub" — while full-on events took place Friday (featuring Noel Sanger) and Saturday (featuring DJ Taucher). The difference between the people in Thursday's short line and the small crowd hanging out inside Saturday was revealing. Thursday, there seemed to be more folks who had missed the exit for Midtown's Cresent Avenue area, while Saturday there were more kids who hadn't missed a single sale on cargo pants and wide-leg jeans.

Destination seems to be attempting to appeal to several different demographics and once the joint (envisioned as separate arenas for progressive, drum 'n' bass/breaks and ambient/downtempo house) is fully operational, it might have a chance to work. But currently, with one sparsely decorated room open (the smaller "underground" room — in comparison to the 20,000-square-foot unfinished part), the club is offering up a strange dynamic. While the owners would like it to be "all about the music," it's usually all about the societal stigmas, though I doubt we'll see a Mods-vs.-Rockers clash between party kids and Buckhead transplants. Damn.

Wrestling with the music, however, Destination, over the course of a weekend, already has made leaps and bounds. From Thursday's demure volume to Saturday's wall-vibrating thump, DJ Patrick Scott has helped spearhead a crisp, clear, loud wall of sound with quite an expansive DJ booth. Anyone wondering where they could stage a wet T-shirt contest if Atlanta's "superclub" ever goes Panama City? Well, that DJ stage has enough room for a small production without rattling the turntables.

The lineup of local talent that will be manning the decks is impressive as well: Patrick Scott, Kevin O, Marcos Pieras, Hazeus, Little Jen and others. If Atlanta weren't such a headliner-conscious city and gave big ups to its own more often, these names alone would get people out. But Atlanta loves big names and big mouths.

There's already plenty of drama going on in the rave scene about this club and what's happening behind the scenes. More visibly, a concern for the average Joe is the issue of no alcohol being served yet.

But all good things come to those who wait, right? A lot of undeveloped space offers many possibilities. Of course, it also leaves a lot of room for disaster. Reserve judgment for when all is said and done, not just after a few people on both sides take turns having it out.

Yeah, wait till you and Destination both get there.??