Taking noise to a Lowe-r level

Amid the bombastic progressive rock and flamboyant glam excess of swinging mid-'70s London, a motley crew of jeans-wearing "regular guys" mixed country, folk, blues, skiffle and garage rock 'n' roll. The result was pub rock, the clever (and often-drunken) forefather of punk and new wave. At the epicenter of the movement was producer, songwriter and wise-cracking joker Nick Lowe. The easy-going bassist produced, performed and wrote songs with several influential English acts including Brinsley Schwarz, Elvis Costello and Rockpile.

Oddly enough, pub rock is alive and well in Atlanta these days with bands like the Bogues and the Blue Velvets keeping the free-flowing spirit alive. Guitarist Jeff Passifume of the Lost Continentals spearheaded a tribute to the sound a few years ago and named the project Noise to Go after Lowe's early-'80s touring band.

Mirroring the revolving-door lineups of its founders, the band is bashing once again, this time featuring journeyman bassist and vocalist Lyle Bufkin at the helm.

Bufkin quickly added "More" to the band's moniker. "We aren't just a Lowe tribute band now, we're more," explains Bufkin. "We are doing originals that have that same 'good-time' sound."

Retro music is nothing new to Bufkin. The bassist often tours as a member of the Woggles and fellow Noise-makers Jeff Adams and Jim Davis join Bufkin in the British Invasion revival band the Lizardmen. Lead guitarist David Ford, Passifume's successor, composed and performed music for Clay Harper's recent children's albums featuring legendary pub rockers Ian Dury and Wreckless Eric.

Bufkin's pal Kevin Gordon from Nashville will be on the bill for More Noise to Go's upcoming show. The rootsy-Americana rocker is another one of Bufkin's former bandmates. "Let's face it, the best music has already been made," concludes Bufkin. "We're just keeping the noise going."

More Noise to Go and Kevin Gordon play Thurs., April 19, at the Star Bar.??