Sharp Notes April 25 2001

Much-beloved singer/songwriter Jack Logan and his wife Sharon celebrated the birth of a son last week. Charles Richard weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Meanwhile, Logan's forthcoming CD, Monkey Paw, will be delivered May 8 on his own Backburner Records.

You can't throw a turban these days without hitting India.Arie. She's everywhere. "The Tonight Show," "Soul Train," People Magazine and even nudging up to No. 10 on Billboard's album chart on her Motown debut's first week of release.

Occasional Atlanta resident and newlywed Toni Braxton is heading for J-Lo territory, and not because she shops at the same clothing store this time. She'll have a small but pivotal part in the forthcoming film Kingdom Come, working next to heavyweights Whoopi Goldberg, LL Cool J and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Napster be damned. The Woggles' Star Bar-recorded live album isn't due out until May, but you can catch an audio and video glimpse of the band performing live on Amsterdam's famed VPRO radio station right now. Check it out at www.hostess.com/woggles, clicking on the "News" section, and scrolling down to the VPRO video and audio links. There's more live Woggles, recorded March 10 at Maxwell's in Hoboken, at www.dcn.com. The busy guys also are recording a split 7-inch with the Japanese band Goggle-A. Catch the Woggles live Fri., April 27, at the Earl.