Take me to the Riverkeepers

As house pianist and guitarist at clubs near the churning Chattahoochee River, Smyrna-based musician Bill Kahler often sings of the power of the historic and majestic waterway. "The River Runs Through Me," in fact, is the title of a song from his recent solo CD Water From The Well.

Now, Kahler has steered a boatload of river-loving artists to contribute tracks to a independent CD, Songwriters/Riverkeepers, that raises funds and awareness for the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeepers. Atlanta musicians including Dede Vogt, Andy Offut Irwin, Kodac Harrison, Angela Motter and Kahler himself contribute tracks. The album also features duets by scene veterans Caroline Aiken and Indigo Girl Emily Saliers, Matthew Kahler and Shawn Mullins, and Francisco Vidal with Angie Aparo.

To celebrate the disc, the Riverkeepers are throwing their fifth annual River Revival party at the Park Tavern in Piedmont Park this week. Many of the artists who play on the record are expected to perform at the party, with Bradley Cole Smith leading an all-acoustic band between the featured acts. Like the CD, the event aims to raise awareness in the community about the current state of the Chattahoochee River, which constantly faces the threats of pollution and development.

A second Songwriters/Riverkeepers release party is set for June 24 at Eddie's Attic, where many of the artists featured on the album perform. All proceeds from both events go to the Riverkeepers to aid in their efforts at encouraging higher standards of water quality.

River Revival is held at the Park Tavern Thurs., May 3. For tickets and information, call 404-352-9828, ext. 12.??