Sorry again, Ms. Jackson

Hip-hop has never been much fettered by the usual rockist notions of selling-out — in fact, mainstream rap's focus on materialism is often justified as simply "buying-in" to the American dream. But when OutKast, a group with tons of street and critical cred, actively uses its song to sell alcohol — even posing for a photo with Smirnoff's leggy black women — it's about time to let out a loud "No you di'int."

Not just any song, mind you, but "Ms. Jackson," a relatively enlightened track in which a baby-daddy expresses remorse for his failed relationship. And not just any alcoholic beverage, but Smirnoff Raspberry Twist, a new vodka product that seems to be marketed as the wine cooler for the gin 'n' juice set. Smirnoff and OutKast recently unveiled the newly dubbed mixed drink "Ms. Jackson," a combination of Raspberry Twist and Coke, at a promotional event at Club E.S.S.O.

Twisted indeed. We can hear the jingle now ...

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, I am for real/

Never meant to make your name a joke/

Sold it out for Smirnoff Twist and Coke ...

(repeat, then take it to the bridge ...)

Me and my vodka, got a special thing going on/

You say it's just getting drunk, we say it's real fun/

Can't understand why relationships come and go/

Guess I'll just sip more syrup and hang out with them video hoes.??