Live shot June 26 2003

This week, Live Shot has been cut in half, so here's some random local music news.

7-Up guy's 15 minutes not up yet
Local producer Dallas Austin is taking charge of the music for "The Orlando Jones Show" on FX at 11 p.m. Austin's responsibilities will preclude any necessity for a band — and, by the way, there will be no desk on the set either.

In memoriam
The Honduran town of LaCeiba has commissioned a monument in tribute to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, the member of Atlanta-based TLC who died there in April 2002. La Ceiba was a favorite spot of Lopes, who had plans to develop a spa there.

New arrivals
Caroline Hull Engel of Caroline and the Ramblers delivered baby Ava Bonner Engel June 5. Also, Aaron Thompson, producer and member of the band Acres, is now a father — no details on a name or gender of his newborn.

Personnel change
I Almost Saw God at the Metro has lost their mini-Moog specialist Blake Melton to his jazz drumming gig with another Athens-based outfit, S.S. Puft. Taking Helton's spot is Zachary Hollback (aka Push Button Action Man).

Jay (aka Dick Delicious) is finishing up the now-defunct Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicle's tour dates as Operation Asparagus — a solo project that combines comedy, rock and hip-hop.

Three quarters of the Bonaventure Quartet — Dave Boling, Kris Dale, and the omnipresent Amy Pike — have joined up with Mike Geier of Kingsized and Shawn Coleman of the Last Cold Beer to form a "tiki band."

Exposure and Protection
The Atlanta Alternative Arts Festival is looking for performers to showcase at the event on the weekends of Sept. 4-7 and Sept. 11-14. For more details, e-mail John Williams at johnwilliams@rubiconstudios.com.

Glen Gordon (aka G.G. from the Village's house funk band) is offering a seminar on copyrighting original material at the Amerisuites Hotel Sun., June 29. See www.copyrightkit.com for more information and testimonials from Shannon Wright and the Hiss. Please make sure you have some fans before you attend.