It's a bird! It's a plane! It's MagneTan!

MagneTan is not a super-buff action hero that can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but, for bronze-aholics everywhere, MagneTan has saved the day. MagneTan is the technology behind the latest craze to the sweep the nation — the Spray Tan.

It began in Los Angeles (where else?) when celebrities suddenly realized there was no time to tan! Enter the Mystic Tan Booth. Simply step into the private booth, disrobe, don the sexy shower cap and apply barrier cream to fingers and toes. In about 15 seconds (where it is recommended you hold your breath) you've been evenly misted with a polarized solution that promises to give you the coveted St. Tropez tan.

In 12 hours, your translucent skin is glowing gold with no fear of skin cancer and no orange streaks. However, in about a week you'll be feeling too pale for that short skirt, so it's back for round two. Also, beware of the slightly disturbing scent that lasts half as long as your tan.

For those who want to make absolutely sure every crease, curve and dimple gets golden, spas now offer the airbrushed tan. Instead of stepping into the private booth, a salon technician will painstakingly apply the fine mist using an airbrush.

Coming soon to a salon near you, airbrush contouring. Celebrities are already walking the red carpet with enhanced cleavage and defined pecs thanks to this shading technique. Time to cancel your gym memberships — all you need to get washboard abs is a steady hand that received formal training while airbrushing unicorns on T-shirts at the mall.

For more information, visit www.magnetan.com. Solar Dimensions, 4060 Peachtree Road. 404-237-4769. Super Bodies, 857 Collier Road, 404-351-3222. Spa Sydell, 3060 Peachtree Road. 404-237-2505.5