Michelle Dubois: Ultrastudiohead

Since her band Ultrababyfat went on hiatus, singer/songwriter Michelle Dubois needed an outlet for the songs in her head. She was losing a couple of new song ideas each month because she didn't own a four-track for demos, yet her brain continued to bubble up novel music.

To document her effervescent pop songs, the guitarist gathered a crew of musicians and friends — a busy cache of players including Scott Rowe (bass), Johnny McConnell (guitar) and Brian Fletcher (drums) — and recorded a batch of material with Dan Dixon of Dropsonic at the production helm.

Dubois didn't intend for the group to play live, but during the first week of recording, someone asked the band to play a show. "They all love to play out," she says about her new bandmates. "So, next thing ya know, we're a performing band called Luigi."

Still, she relishes her time in the studio. "It's really what I crave," she says. "If I could spend six months a year recording and never play a live show again, I'd be happy. Though once I'm there, the shows are fun, too."

Luigi's debut, Vamanos, is a limited-edition release with colorful graphics, individually handmade by the band. "When you want to do your own album, you're usually forced into making 1,000 copies," says drummer Fletcher. "But we found someone who makes high quality CD-Rs in a more reasonable amount. Artwork is easier to do in small quantities if you just do it yourself. Plus, we all like the idea of making something that's unique and special to the person buying it."

Luigi plays The Earl Fri., Nov. 14. $5.