The Big Bang Theory

I don't think of myself as a follower. I am all for being individualistic and original, especially when it comes to trends in fashion. But a few weeks ago, I succumbed and got bangs. And though I want to say I had been contemplating getting the face-framing cut for some time and didn't realize it was all the rage, I would be lying. I knew full well that bangs were hot and I had to have them, too.

The bang boom is in full swing with celebrities like Gwyneth, Britney and Catherine Zeta-Jones sporting forehead fringe. Long and wispy or short and pixie-like, bangs are a great way to update your look without drastically changing your hair. Though, I can attest, it didn't seem so subtle a change to me, at first. I spent a good week freaking out in front of the mirror and incessantly complaining about my new do. But that's just me.

I read somewhere that bangs had changed a woman's life — she was actually quoted as saying so. If you plan on getting the cut, I wouldn't bank on life suddenly becoming better, but someone did ask me recently if I had gotten cheek implants. And I have been told my new bangs make my eyes "pop," whatever that means.

Maybe life is better with bangs. Guess riding the trend bandwagon isn't all that bad.

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