Save your cash for cashmere

Though we still seem to be enjoying the fruits of global warming, if memory serves me correctly, it is usually around this time that we pull out all things warm and cozy. And there is no better warm and cozy luxury than the feel of cashmere against the skin.

For those unfamiliar with cashmere, it is the undercoat of the Kashmir goat, found primarily in the highlands of Asia. Not only is cashmere rare, the process by which the fibers are collected and then produced is no simple procedure, so cashmere products are notoriously expensive. But regardless, the demand for cashmere seems to keep growing.

Where once owning a cashmere sweater was lavish, now slippers, pajamas and even undies have become among the most splendid garments to have. This winter season, the velour warm-up suit has finally been replaced with a cashmere version and cashmere thigh-high socks fit perfectly under the of-the-moment thigh-high boots.

In a world where style usually wins over comfort, going for both will certainly cost you dearly. Depending on the ply (think thread count in sheets: the higher the better) cashmere lounge pants — just to wear around the house — will likely run about $250. So start saving, because believe me, there is nothing like lounging in luxury.

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