Look ski in the city

Ski season isn't so far away. Though we have a bit of a trek to the slopes, that doesn't mean you can't sport the apres-ski look right here in Atlanta. Designers have taken the styles of the slopes straight from the outdoors and onto the runway for fall/winter 2003.

Since no one wants to walk the streets looking like a snowman, re-creating the skier look can be a little tricky. Ski pants are out of the question, so opt for sleek, slim pants. Thanks to this new obsession with the ski look, turtlenecks have resurfaced this season. Puffy coats are suddenly hip and fur vests are very "I like to hang out by the fire in the lodge."

As for accessories, schlepping the streets in ski boots may get you committed, so designers have given us a cozy option with knee-high boots made of sheepskin and lined in fur. Fluffy satchel bags, furry mittens and hats are perfect when there is a chill in the air. But don't forget the SPF and, if you dare, fashionable street-worthy ski goggles are on the market.

Finally, if you really want to wow them on the road, those of you with a ski rack on your car, have a Chanel snowboard with your name on it.

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