For the birds, er, dogs

Hollywood has been going cuckoo over its dogs for some time now, but I hadn't realized the "pet as your accessory" trend had spread to the South until a few weeks ago when I witnessed a shocking scene at Lenox Square.

A familiar occurrence: two teen hipsters cavorting at a makeup counter clad in denim micro-minis, Ugg boots, cool shades and carrying Über-expensive designer handbags on one arm. It was what was on the other arm, however, that caught my eye.

One of the teensters had a small pooch wearing a coat (not its own) tucked under her arm, while the other was clutching the coveted Louis Vuitton Sac Chien pet carrier. I couldn't get a good enough look at the coat to determine a cost, but the doggie hauler comes with a price tag of $1,000.

These days, it's not enough to just take your dog out for a walk in the park on a retractable leash or to throw him a bone. As a fashion-forward pet owner, everything from a diamond collar to a cashmere blanket is apparently a necessity for your four-legged friend. At $235, who could resist the classic Burberry plaid trench, complete with belt and buckle?

And to make sure that your doggie's duds are season appropriate, there are canine raincoats and even a line of cruise wear for those holiday vacations to the tropics.

Maybe someone should think about renaming the catwalk?

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