Freaky Friday

"We've come to realize we're a much weirder band than we ever imagined," says Justin Mcneight, vocalist/guitarist/principal songwriter for Atlanta space rock outfit Good Friday Experiment. "We lie just beyond what most labels want."

Since forming in 1999, Good Friday Experiment has been plagued by everything from bad booking agents to broken bones that kept the outfit from touring. But what has been most detrimental to the group is a lack of forward movement.

Self-releasing its debut full-length, Bottom of a Pail Breaking Through, Mcneight, bassist Ed Rawls (former Hal al Shedad guitarist/Red Lab engineer), drummer Mathis Hunter and keyboardist Rich Morris have gelled with psychedelic virtuosity. Camouflaging classic rock hooks under droning bliss, GFE has been quietly honing its abilities and waiting for the right label to sign the group and send it on its way. But after fruitless flirtations with Atlanta's International Hits and Athens' toppled torchbearers Kindercore Records, the group remained in limbo with its second record in-hand.

Finished in the summer of 2002 in Rawls' Living Room Studio, the band's sophomore effort, Spread Out Inside, lay in wait for nearly six months. When waiting was no longer an option, the group released the recording on its own Shakedown Records.

"Some labels are interested, but they're aiming for spring of 2004 and we need to get this record out now," declares Rawls. "If we wait any longer, this one won't ever be released and as a band we have to keep moving."

Good Friday Experiment plays MJQ Thurs., Dec. 18. $5 (admission includes a CD).