Party perfect

Tis the season to party. And though the little black dress is always appropriate for any festive soiree, there are countless other ways to dress up for the holidays. In the spirit of Christmas, here are a few hip ideas to spruce up your cocktail attire.

Go metallic: It's fine if you wear basic black, but glam it up with silver or gold. Slide into a great pair of heels, tuck the perfect clutch under your arm or don some metallic jewelry, and you'll shine at any party.

Satin sophistication: Whether you wear a sexy pencil skirt or a colorful bag, satin adds a touch of class to any ensemble.

Be dazzling: Beaded dresses, slinky tops and bedazzled bags will add sparkle to a holiday look.

Fur, if you dare: Faux or real, fur is the perfect accessory during the winter season. You can throw a fur stole around your neck or carry a dainty fur evening bag.

Velvet goldmine: It's the perfect time to wear this rich fabric — and it looks fantastic in equally rich colors like purple, red and deep blue.

Jewels of any kind: We already know diamonds are a girl's best friend. So what better place to wear them than at a fancy bash? If you don't have the real thing, who cares? Load on the rhinestones.

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