Out with the old, in with the new

As the new year begins and we vow to keep our resolutions, here are a few fashion trends of the last year we can toss (and some we can keep around) in 2004.

Bye-bye to ... The Velour Track Suit — Keep the ubertrendy suit to wear to the gym, but stop wearing it to the grocery store, the mall, the movies and brunch. It's a sweatsuit for heaven's sake.

The Trucker Hat — Wearing one of these with a fancy dress was one of the worst looks of the year. Wearing one of these with any other ensemble was almost just as bad. When did trying to look like you operate a semi become fashionable?

Satin Cargo Pants — Thank goodness most of us realized early on in the '80s that parachute pants weren't flattering. Remaking them in satin didn't help.

High-Heeled Hiking Boots — There was a short second when these shoes were almost fabulous. Then every J. Lo wannabe had to have them, too. Lucky for all us, it was all over before it ever really began.

Hang around a little while ... Bangs — Keep the bangs. Just soften them a bit in the new year.

Stilettos — There is no reason to ever stop wearing stilettos. Period.

Cargo Pants — Don't pitch the cotton pair. Leave wearing them with heels in 2003, but still dress them up with a cute top and flats for 2004.

Fishnet Tights — The mod-colored tights that tried to surface last year won't do a repeat performance in the new year, but fishnets are still hot and can carry you through the spring.

If you have a tip or have noticed a trend you think our resident fashionista should know about, e-mail your comments to product@creativeloafing.com.