Allnight January 15 2004

A quick guide to what's happening in Nightlife each week

Leapin' leotards

The Umbilical Brothers are the best thing to come out of Australia since Rabbit-Proof Fence, although the Brothers are a lot less bleak. In fact, in their show THWAK!, which comes to the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts on Sat., Jan. 17, the two performers mix verbal and physical comedy for a cartoonish routine that's getting some rave reviews worldwide. But, it's just the natural zaniness that ensues when two Australian dunderheads don singlets, suspenders and "trousers" and act like hue-ligans. Ferst Center, 349 Ferst Drive, 404-894-9600. www.ferstcenter.gatech.edu. (Andrew Stewart)

Good chance of precipitation

Three production companies team up to take over the two ground floor rooms of the Masquerade for "Digital Snow." In Hell: Gene Carbonell, DJ N:03, Ross Hambrick, Tristan AC and Ezra lay down tribal, melodic big room bump, dark and driving speakers and tweakers wild. While in Purgatory, Sikora, Camilus vs. Charles P, Kre-8, Subconscious and Alpha roll out breakbeat science, delivering Florida-style funk, progressive peaks and tech-step tweaks. The Masquerade, 695 North Ave., 404-577-8178. www.masq.com. (Tony Ware)

Cross-dressed to kill

Ain't nothin' slim but the pickins' when the Armorettes, a hefty group of local drag queens, take the stage at Charlie Brown's Cabaret at Backstreet Atlanta on Sunday nights. On Sun., Jan. 18, they're celebrating 25 years of performing their raucous revue. The show has sold out since the group's early days at the hilariously named Thelma's Pump Room, back when drag was about as socially acceptable as smoking crack. It's all for a good cause, though, as the proceeds go to AIDS foundations. Backstreet, 845 Peachtree St., 404-873-1986. www.backstreetatlanta.com. (AS)

A Novel Way to Choose a Prez

Forget who's more compassionate or who has the best economic recovery plan. In the 21st century, the only way to pick a new president is to see who can get the club to its most crunk. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean's campaign is taking over Vision, Atlanta's largest bastion of hedonism, for one night — Sat., Jan. 21 — to show you that his robotic voice goes with a killer version of the classic dance move. Ubiquitous DJ Biz Markie will be on the tables, and food will be provided by Justin's. Special guests that the party are praying will show include OutKast, TLC and Michael Vick. Try playing "Where's Howard?" while you're there. I guarantee it will be harder than "Where's Waldo?" Vision. 1068 Peachtree St., 404-874-4460. www.visionatlanta.com. (Nikhil Swaminathan)