Allnight January 22 2004

A quick guide to what's happening around town this week.

Plan for world Dom-ination

Dom Irrera, stand-up comic and bona-fide TV and film star (HBO's "One Night Stand," Comedy Central's "Offsides," and The Big Lebowski) comes to the Punchline Fri.-Sun., Jan. 23-25. Fans of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist may remember Irrera as Dr. Katz's most high-maintenance and homoerotic patient. We certainly do.

With sweaty palms and quivering lips, AllNight rapped with Irrera about his current tour.

Creative Loafing: So, what's your act like these days?

Irrera: I'm doing this whole 'funny' thing now. I'm pandering to the crowd by trying to entertain them and going for laughs, unlike some comedians who are out to teach them. I'm not trying to teach them. I'm not out to preach.

What in particular do like about coming to Atlanta?

It's one of the few places in the South I go to. It's always fun to come there; it's one of those gigs I always look forward to. I just have to go to rehab immediately after it — it's always a heavy-drinking gig, what with Cafe 290 right across the street.

What do you like about the crowds here?

You know what's good about [the Atlanta crowds]? They're a mix. Mixes are always better than one-note crowds. I would never want an all-black crowd or an all-white crowd or an all-this, 'cause I go after everybody. I try and hurt.

The Punchline, 280 Hilderbrand Drive, 404-252-LAFF. $17.50. www.punchline.com.

(Andrew Stewart)

Speed it up, slow it down

Chris Sheehy, organizer of Lava Lounge's Tempo every fourth Thursday (Jan. 22) of the month, celebrates his birthday with guest DJ Michael Scott (of SOCO Audio) and resident dj.inc. The mode is deepsexytechfunk. Break that groove thing out of the mothballs, or shake that moneymaker you got for Christmas. Lava Lounge, 57 13th St., 404-873-4202. www.lavaloungeatlanta.com. (Tony Ware)

Bootylicious + glow sticks + club drugs =

They say the third time's the charm. So local collective PlurPlanet are all a titter over its third anniversary party, the fourth annual Ravelicious on Sat., Jan. 24. Headlining are acidic trance breaks performance artists skylab2000, as well as drum 'n' bass DJs Danny the Wildchild and DJ Wally (aka Pish Posh). The latter pair's influences bridge rumbling round booty bass, progressive build, upfront hip-hop, Latin percussion and eerie jazz. Complementing the three are Florida's Rob-E and Nathan Bryce, as well as locals Purple Haze, Weatherman, Sikora, Jygawatt, Brandon C and more. The cumulative effect is to make ravers feel like kids in a candy shop. The Globe Theatre, 1599-D Memorial Drive, 404-371-0222. $15-$20. www.globetheatreatlanta.com. (TW)