Jet Set for a new day

Despite a year plagued by lineup changes, a botched tour and a label dispute, Jet By Day is flying high.

With the October release of Cascadia, JBD's second full-length and first (and apparently last) album with Kindercore Records, the group looked to be taking off — but turbulence lay ahead.

Having recently parted ways with bassist Amy Burmeister and adopting C'est Mortel guitarist Brett Griffin to take over, guitarist/vocalist David Matysiak, guitarist Mason Brown, and drummer Tom Naumann gelled over larger-than-life riffs that soared with emo-charged rock thunder. With its new lineup in place, the group embarked on an eight-week U.S. tour.

But after a few weeks on the road, "Our booking agent stopped responding to our calls," says Matysiak. "He booked a few shows, but we had to look on Google to find them."

Soon after, Matysiak received an e-mail announcing the dissolution of Kindercore. Drawing from its hard luck, the group returned to Atlanta and immediately began writing material for a new record, to be titled The Vulture.

"Our outlook on songwriting has changed a lot," Matysiak says. "We're looking at different ways of writing songs. We've added slower stuff, sludgy stuff and a Pink Floyd element. We're writing the songs we've always wanted to write."

Even with all the hardship of the last several months, the new songs aren't the only things moving in Jet by Day's favor. "The whole Kindercore thing probably worked for the best," says Matysiak. "That e-mail really served as a press release announcing that we're free agents. And we've received a few calls."

Jet by Day plays The Earl on Sat., Jan. 31. $6.