Allnight February 12 2004

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Skribble Reloads his record box

While MTV's DJ SKRIBBLE claims his doctor's signature-style handwriting lives up to his name, he considers his track selection style to be more clearly defined. Whether he's playing it crunk or commercial dance, Skribs makes an effort to play to the crowd's desires, as he will showcase Fri., Feb. 13, at the "Stripper's Ball" at the Velvet Room.

Creative Loafing: Watching a show like MTV's "Beach House," I can't really identify with the cut 'n' carefree (Pop-Tart) generation. Can you?

Skribble: I can identify with anybody. MTV is a more commercial, visual thing because it has to reach the people who aren't so into the DJ thing. But I can go to a rave and DJ next to Tiesto, too. I got to MTV by playing the little spots through to the superclubs. When DJing started, it was meant to be diverse, anyway.

Having played sweatboxes to stadiums, do you have a preference?

An intimate place like the Velvet Room is dope because you can play with the audience, not just to them. You're much more personable.

Do you attempt to capture that spirit on your MDMA series (produced with Anthony Acid)?

For our most recent release, Reloaded, we tried to shove three hours of high-impact tribal energy into 80 minutes. Kids are moving away from CDs and toward downloading, so you have to offer them an intense experience when you produce or perform.

The Velvet Room, 1021 Peachtree St., 404-886-3467. www.velvetroomatlanta.com. (Tony Ware)

Recommended viewing

Recently name-checked in Rolling Stone as one of the "10 Cities, 10 Nights" to check out, Atlanta's own HUSTLER monthly once again drenches Lava, Thurs., Feb. 12, in the sweaty sounds of deep house. Hosts J-Luv, Kevin O and Brian Dotson welcome guests Daniel Gresham and Stymie to douse the main room, while More Dusty Than Digital rain down the funky rare grooves in the VIP loft. Lava Lounge, 57 13th St., 404-873-4202. www.lavaloungeatlanta.com. (TW)

Follow the procession

My black emo heart barely lets me get out of bed some days. But there is one thing for which I can always muster up some strength: dancin'. So when I found out that *KISS*, the ultimate dance party for indie kids (read: goofy white people), was moving to the Masquerade with a giant kick-off party called The Black Heart Ball on Fri., Feb. 13, I dried my eyes and bought a new pair of Chucks. They'll go great with my ironic T-shirt with the tuxedo painted on, 'cause after all, this event is formal. You'd better look your Sunday best. Masquerade, 695 North Ave., 404-577-8178. www.masq.com. (Andrew Stewart)