Ear to the Bar Feb, 2004

Valentine's Day is upon us and while those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates sure are sweet, most women would prefer a good stiff one.

North Highland Pub's Orgasm in a Glass?
?1/2 oz. Amaretto?
?1/2 oz. Bailey's?
?1/2 oz. Kahlua?
?Shake and pour.

The Ritz Carlton's Cupid's Cocktail (for 2)?
?Sliced strawberries?
?Grand Marnier?
?Line the bottom of two champagne flutes with sliced strawberries soaked one half-hour in a mixture of Grand Marnier and sugar. Fill the glasses with champagne.

Eclipse di Luna's Chocolatini?
?Stoli Vanilla?
?White and Dark Godiva Chocolate liqueur?
?Splash of Frangelico?
?Shake and serve in an ice-cold glass swirled with white and dark chocolate. Garnish with a Hershey's Kiss.