Allnight February 19 2004

A quick guide to what's happening in nightlife each week

Freed from bondage

Why is it that the S&M crowd can party so much harder than normal folks? Isn't it ironic that even when they're in a harness being whipped by eight sadistic strangers, they have twice as much free and uninhibited fun than decent folk do? Don't answer that. Just go see for yourself at The Chamber on Fri.-Sat., Feb. 20-21, when the club hosts its final bash.

After 10 years of fancy-free nipple torture and cross-gendered humiliation, they're closing the club's doors. It'll be an all-out party on Friday, with special guest KIVA KAHL (aka GrinderGirl), this crazy hot chick who uses an electric saw to some devilishly sexy effect.

You'll have to wait until next year's Dragon*Con to see anything this freaky again. The Chamber, 2115 Faulkner Road, 404-248-1612. www.chamberatlanta.com. (Andrew Stewart)

"A hot boy fa'sho"

Every MC loves to boast about how they transformed the game of hip-hop. But on Fri., Feb. 20, MJQ hosts a DJ who actually did contribute a legitimate change to an aspect of the art. Philadelphia's DJ CASH MONEY invented the transform scratch, a genuine innovation for turntablists. Not one to rest on a legacy, however, he now comes to Atlanta to showcase his ability to remain vital at cold rockin' a party. Time for an old-school schoolin'. MJQ Concourse, 736 Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-870-0575. www.mjqconcourse.com. (Tony Ware)

Electro on The Riviera

Strongest bill of a super- saturated weekend for dance culture, NICK WARREN and DJ ICEY represent two of the most popular genres of dancefloor- oriented electronic composition of the last 10 years. The U.K.'s Warren, one half of production duo Way Out West, survived the tribal twilight of the progressive house genre to evolve a driving sound that's equally lush and lurching. Florida's DJ Icey emerged from acid house to champion a hypnotic, bulbous bounce drawn from Miami bass that borders on earthy electro. The Riviera, 1055 Peachtree St., 404-607-7277. www.therivieraclub.com. (TW)

VISITING The Riviera with Frequency

California producer Uberzone brings his expansive beats and engulfing, squelching bass to headline the breakbeat bonanza FREQUENCY on Sat., Feb. 21. Joining the gizmo grooves are transatlantic collaborators Jackal (U.S.) and Phil Klein (U.K.), Florida's Scratch D and H Bomb, and Atlanta's own J-Luv, among others. Prepare for a night of sci-fi funkin'. The Riviera, 1055 Peachtree St., 404-607-7277. www.therivieraclub.com. (TW)