Right to bare arms

Can Beyonce please stop shaking that ass? I curse her name each time I'm in spinning class or doing countless squats and hamstring curls. For a while it's been all about having buns of steel, but, of course, just when we're preparing for our spring booty debut, fashion kicks us in our newly toned rump.

The "year of the butt" has ended. And, without warning, we've entered the "season of the arm." Designers' spring collections were full of tanks; wide-open, wing-style sleeves; broad, drapey tops; and lots of slashed and cutout fabrics. All are designed to accentuate the arms and sculpted shoulders.

The good thing about tops is that there is at least one flattering style for everyone. Got shapely biceps and triceps? Cap sleeve styles and tanks with wide straps, like those at Helmut Lang, display the fruit of your heavy lifting at the gym. Designers such as Daryl K and Cynthia Rowley offer wide necks and off-the-shoulder styles, or tanks with skinny straps that highlight chiseled shoulders. And for those who are strangers to push-ups, fashion houses such as Armani and Emanuel Ungaro feature long winglike sleeves in sensuous fabrics that will hide your work in progress. The only shirt of the moment that isn't flattering is the one-sleeved look. Is it fashionable to look lopsided?

But, in the quest for great arms, don't altogether neglect your bum. It might be out this season, but I have worked too hard and come too far in the quest to bounce a quarter off of it. It's bound to be fashionable again. And when the ass is back in, I'll be ahead of, or should I say, behind the game.

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