Allnight March 04 2004

A quick guide to what's happening in nightlife each week

Hulkamania runs wild

Back when we were chewing our Hulkster vitamins and watching our Hulkster cartoons, we weren't ever sure if Hulkamania was really going to catch on for the long term. But if the wrestling bug has permeated the consciousness of the wickedly smart crew at Dad's Garage, Mr. Hogan may be more of a sooth than a steroid receptacle.

Culling together all the necessary elements — wrestlers, molls, managers and over-the-top announcers — B.R.A.W.L. (Battle Royale American Wrestling League) brings all the excitement and melodrama of a Vince McMahon production without any of the ickiness or costly ticket prices. The spectacle takes place every Friday at midnight through April 19, which means you can watch "Raw" and "Smackdown" without any interference.

The improvised battles are in the Top Shelf space of Dad's Garage and will feature professional wrestlers as "stunt doubles" for the actors. So if the actors are pretending, will the actual wrestlers hurt each other? Maybe. But at least the wrestler's union finally found them work after the collapse of the WCW. 280 Elizabeth St., 404-523-3141, www.dadsgarage.com. (Nikhil Swaminathan)Push it real good

Got some new ass-less chaps and don't know what to do with them? Wear 'em to SEXY SATURDAYS at the Living Room in Buckhead (where the dress code is simply "sexy"), and tend to some grown folks' bidness. Late-night soft porn is the sexiest thing that happens in my living room. So you go on, have a good time — I've got Skin-emax to keep me company.

The Living Room, 3069 Peachtree Road, 404-816-1116. (Andrew Stewart)

"Feel Like Makin' Love"?

404 Audio and the Crescent Room follow up their highly successful Roni Size showcase with an equally auspicious appearance from BAD COMPANY (UK) on Thurs., March 11. Mixing dusky melody, ragga rollers and post-apocalyptic careening percussion — a collection of entrancing tendrils trembling like a squid suffering from hypothermia — Bad Company submerge you in sci-fi soundtrack seismics. Regulars Hazeus, Bombazi, Mayhem and MC Race One accompany.

The Crescent Room, 1136 Crescent Ave., 404-875-5252. www.thecrescentroom.com. (Tony Ware)