Travel by fashion

Sometimes all you want to do is get the hell out of Dodge and go somewhere far, far away. And sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to make it happen. Whether your dream vacation is a South American village, the beaches of Jamaica, the jungles of Africa or the open ranges of the Wild West, if you can't go to your desired refuge, the future is not as bleak as you think. Designers attempt to satisfy your wanderlust with destination-inspired clothing this spring.

I am a fan of ethnically inspired fashions — I stock up on local wears from each of my travels. Adding a piece or two into your wardrobe can give you the travel-chic look without going overboard. A word of advice: It isn't Halloween or Carnaval, so keep it simple.

Cowboy hats and shirts (like those seen at Marc Jacobs), suede skirts and Western-inspired accessories can transport you to Santa Fe. African-print dresses, natural jewelry, and woven shoes and bags — Donna Karan has a great basket bag — evoke a safari tour. Brightly colored beach clothing and beaded accessories are perfect for grooving to Bob Marley. A caftan and a pair of metallic thongs (the shoes, not the undergarments) are straight-up Acapulco. Don't go mixing 1000 Places to See Before You Die into one outfit. The goal is not to appear homeless.

No, it doesn't come close to actually lying on the beach sipping cocktails or seeing an elephant in its home habitat, but you can have fun with this season's escapism fashions. You'll feel somewhat cultured and well traveled when you saddle up to the bar in your designer cowboy boots. And if people don't believe you wrangled and tamed a herd of horses on your great escape, you can always spur them.

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