Allnight March 18 2004

A quick guide to what's happening in nightlife each week

Reep what you sow

Do you ever fear that one day, you'll be in class or a meeting, fall asleep, start drooling and ultimately be remembered as "Soggy Chin?" Meet JON REEP, better known as Dodge's "Hemi Guy," as in, "That thing got a hemi?" Just when you thought he would be typecast as an inquisitive lunkhead, he shows up befuddled once again, but this time in a kilt for a Sierra Mist commercial.

This week, Wed.-Sun., March 17-21, Reep hits the Punchline to prove that his comedy isn't limited to asking questions or looking confused. Apparently, he dances and prides himself on being a redneck. A redneck comedian — we've never had one of those in Georgia. You know what would go over really well with the crowd? If he told a series of jokes that started with, "You might be a redneck if ... ." If he did that, he would be ABC sitcom-worthy.

The Punchline, 280 Hilderbrand Drive. $10-$15. 404-252-LAFF. www.punchline.com. (Nikhil Swaminathan)

If you're a coward ...

... and you haven't learned about www.makeoutclub.com or Friendster, you may want to head to the Mark Sat., March 20 for CRUSH. Just send an e-mail to jeannine@ themarkatlanta.com about who your crush is, and the matchmakers at the upscale paradise will do their best to make sure that your love is in attendance. They'll provide you with a free open bar from 9-11 p.m., so you can somehow muster up the confidence you have never been able to find. Then, with the dancefloor throbbing and condoms falling out of wallets everywhere, you better fuckin' make your move.

The only thing worse than being the guy who doesn't ante up is being the lame couple that pretends to have a crush on each other to get two hours of free drinks. Those people are scum.

The Mark, 79 Poplar St. 678-904-0050. www.themarkatlanta.com. (NS)

Oval Office party

So you remember that ragtag bunch of crime fighters that assembled to save the world in the '70s and '80s? You know, The Flash, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.? Well, apparently, they are getting together with TEAMFCC to throw a bash called THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE at Lenox's Prime restaurant. They are bringing in DJ Mars, who's celebrating a birthday, to guarantee all a good time. And with friends like these, who could expect anything other than pure unadulterated fun. Bonus to those who show up wearing Underoos.

Prime, 3393 Peachtree Road. 404-812-0555. (NS)