Fashion through green eyes

While it's not so cool to be green with envy, the symbolic color of jealousy is the coolest shade to be seen in right now. From mint to vibrant Kelly, the color is popping up everywhere in both men's and women's fashion. Wearing the color du jour should not make you feel spiteful in the least, but instead should awaken your fashion senses.

Sportswear lines like Puma feature green tracksuits and almost fluorescent sneakers in a shade referred to as Amazon. Quintessential American designer J. Crew has classic polo shirts in bright green, as well as my favorite bikini and a whole line of other swimsuits in both pine and parakeet. Marc Jacobs' spring shoe line includes grass green flats with black piping detail. Even makeup has brightened up, with green eye shadow being the color to sweep across your lids. Chloe's spring 2004 collection featured the ultimate green luxury — a three-quarter-length chiffon halter dress in an almost iridescent shade.

For guys, look for green detail in clothing — a green belt or shoes can completely transform an otherwise banal ensemble. Generally, when wearing a solid green piece, you don't want to throw any competing colors in the mix. Stick with a neutral like white. And ladies, when wearing something like a green dress, break it up with contrasting shoes and accessories.

One caveat: Definitely go easy on the eyes. You don't want to look like the aftermath of a jealous rage, when fist meets face.

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