Footwear confessional

I'm a whore and I'm proud of it. Now, before you go getting your knickers in a knot, let me qualify that statement: I am a shoe whore. I adore them and I simply can't stop purchasing pair after pair. I succumb to the urges most often as the weather warms, when people start showing some skin, and shoes are purely tantalizing.

This spring's shoe styles are myriad, thank goodness, since I am fickle and not loyal to one style or brand. Like any high-class hooker, though, I am selective and want only the best. A must is the wedge — casual but sassy with an open toe and a stacked heel. The d'orsay pump is one of sexiest styles to slip on, as it subtly exposes the arch of the foot with open sides. Narciso Rodriguez's black leather d'sorsay stilettos, specifically, are to die for. Kitten heel slingbacks are both submissive and seductive, while pointy and ballet-style flats like Christian Louboutin's patent yellow cutouts are chic and practical. Of course, nothing compares to a strappy high heel, and no one does it better than the ultimate shoe pimp Manolo Blahnik. Racy colors, metallics, Lucite detail and jeweled accents make this spring's fare even more irresistible.

I will have all the shoes I desire this spring, but inevitably there is always that one pair that makes my heart race every time I think about it. In pure white, Bottega Veneta's high-heeled woven peek-a-boo toe slingback tempts me to stay true. But to deny myself the pleasure of wearing others? Never.

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