Allnight April 29 2004

A quick guide to what's happening in nightlife each week

'SNL' in the ATL

If me and my posse saw KEVIN NEALON on the street, we'd be like, "Hey, weren't you in Joe Dirt?" and chances are he'd get all pissed because he's been in sooo much more than that. He was a funnyman on "Saturday Night Live" for a spell, doing that there Weekend Update, talkin' 'bout "Boris Yeltsin this, and Boris Yeltsin that, and hey, here's Kim Jong in a funny hat, ha, ha, ha."

Lately, he's had success as some sort of maverick guest star, popping up whenever he damn well pleases on such TV shows as "Still Standing" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," as well as in films like Happy Gilmore and Anger Management. Now he's runnin' around all half-cocked with what promises to be an excellent stand-up act, which he'll bring to the Funny Farm Tues.-Wed., May 4-5.Funny Farm Comedy Club, 608 Holcomb Bridge Road, 770-817-HAHA. www.funnyfarmcomedyclub.com.

(Andrew Stewart)

Two-night stand

When I was younger, I thought Krush Groove had to do with soda pop. Now some kid might wonder if it's a type of Sean Jean-authorized designer tracksuit. Well, even when it's a plush groove, it's neither, son. A krush groove is what you get from a Kurtis Blow or Run-DMC. It's not bounce or bling, but b-boy. It's the kind of old school, hands-in-the-air, feet-barely-touch-the-floor groove you get from a set by Brooklyn's DJ SPINNA. But that doesn't mean it's dated, as Spinna's grooves are instilled with hip-hop, house and broken-beat energy. Disco to De La Soul, beat-digger funk rock to deep house, Spinna could crack ya back with his stacks o' wax. This cat digs deep for two nights, Fri.-Sat., April 30-May 1.

MJQ Concourse, 736 Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-870-0575. www.mjqatlanta.com.

(Tony Ware)

A taste of India

The Radio OM DJs — Sharaab and Swivel — continue their transcultural sessions with an exclusive Atlanta DJ debut by Six Degrees recording artist KARSH KALE. A cornerstone in the Asian massive movement, percussionist/ producer Kale concocts dub-informed drum 'n' bass imbued with lush classical Indian instrumentation. This event, scheduled for Thurs., May 6, will benefit VIBHA.org, a nonprofit organization that helps empower underprivileged children in India.

MJQ Concourse, 736 Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-870-0575. www.mjqatlanta.com. (TW)

Bush in catapult

MC and DJ collective Katapolt would like to see an end to the "lopsided leadership of the Bush administration and the so-called 'war on terror'." To facilitate this happening, the eight-member posse and the Five Spot have organized Git Ya Vote On, a night organized to encourage voter registration and participation Thurs., April 29. Along with Katapolt, the event will feature support from additional DJs, visual artists and spoken word performers.

The Five Spot, 1123 Euclid Ave., 404-223-1100. (TW)