Allnight May 13 2004

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Call me "Daddy"

Oh, HARLAND WILLIAMS. Most remember him as the "Six Minute Abs" guy in There's Something About Mary or as the dude who got arrested for killing a police horse in Half-Baked. A precious few, however, have seen him in full-scale hilarity in the severely underrated Disney film Rocket Man, about a man and a monkey who travel to Mars. Williams brings his absurdity in the form of "stand-up comedy" to the Funny Farm Thurs.-Sat., May 13-15, and I asked him a few questions about it.

When he wasn't calling me "Daddy" and, more formally, "Daddy McGillicutty," he gave some goofy answers:

What kinds of things do you talk about in your stand-up act?

Let's see ... I talk about getting my grandparents' arthritic fingers and dragging them through the yard like a rake, and about how my parents never got me Legos when I was a kid, so I had to play with waffles. And about al-Qaeda ripping off a Goodyear blimp and bumping into a building over and over again. And I ask the audience questions like, "Have you ever fired up your leaf blower and blown your neighbor's Chihuahua down the street?"

Have you?

Oh yeah, dude. Pretty soon everybody's got their leaf blowers out, and it's like Chihuahua hockey out there.

So what are you like in person?

I like to think I'm a pretty fun guy to hang out with. I'm the type of guy who, when I'm on my way to get sushi at a restaurant, I'll pull in a pet store and get 30 goldfish for like $12. Ya know, it's just a better deal.

What's funny to you?

Monkeys attacking people: I saw a kid get attacked by a monkey one time, and I thought that was pretty funny. I saw a guy get his head slammed in a car door once, and that was really funny.

OK, I've noticed that your comedy is pretty clean. ...

Yeah, I've tried to keep it pretty clean my whole career. That's just the way I like it, Daddy. Daddy likes it clean for little baby. Everyone wants to know about Daddy. ...

$16-$20. Thurs., 8:30 p.m.; Fri.-Sat., 8 and 10:30 p.m. Funny Farm Comedy Club, 608 Holcomb Bridge Road. 770-817-HAHA. www.funnyfarmcomedyclub.com/atlanta.

(Andrew Stewart)

Urbane Dialect

Celebrating five years of the "finest" in chintzy entertainment, Fri., May 14, Flavourset Productions is hosting a ball — SPRING FANTASY BALL — packing Lava and Cosmopolitan to capacity with the nouveau riche and the nouveau revelers. The DJ talent, however, is all old-school ATL: Brett Long, Brian Dotson, J-Luv, Brandon Smith and more playing that deep disco humid house, and perhaps some boisterous breaks, to keep those lost in a fantasy of sophistication preoccupied. Call for admission price. 9 p.m. (doors) Lava Lounge, 57 13th St., 404-873-4202. www.lavaloungeatlanta.com.

(Tony Ware)