Sharp Notes May 20 2004

Local Show of the Week

This week's recommendation is intended to turn people onto a couple bands toiling in the Atlanta/Athens scene, who deserve major recognition. With I bought a heart made of art in the deep, deep South, Athens-based organic folk-gypsies Hope for Agoldensummer coax out ghost-breath yearnings, gently swaying melodies and perfect staccato rhythms for the environmentally friendly set.

Now traveling as conjoined fraternal twins, Telegram opens. Led by Troy Beiser, this power trio is in the midst of recording its debut album with former Josh Joplin Group bassist Geoff Melkonian. Straight from the coffeeshop to the backroom at The Earl Fri., May 21, it's all about down tempo, deep-grooved (courtesy of upright bass) stone sober, cigarette-on-the-lip pop that is too hip to miss.