Rainbow bright

When I first arrived in Atlanta from Harrisburg, Penn., I lived on a Midtown cul-de-sac lined with sherbet-colored houses known as "Fruity Pebble Lane." I ran around town that summer in rainbow flip-flops, eating rainbow Popsicles, oblivious to the happy-alternative meaning attached to the color strands. Unbeknownst to me, my roommate, for her own entertainment, had also placed a rainbow sticker on the back of my blue Chevy Spectrum. Needless to say, I got a lot of unsolicited attention that summer.

This season, the colors of the rainbow are brightening up everything from tanks and dresses to shoes and jewelry, and the rainbow motif adds a kitschy feel to T-shirts and totes. Marc by Marc Jacobs took the retro road, paving T-shirt-like dresses with arcs of color. Shoe designer C. Ronson painted the palette across the straps of trendy espadrilles, while BCBG splashed a small pot of gold over the band of colors to create metallic strappy heels. Diane Von Furstenburg dipped a pair of white sailor pants in a tye-dye wash. Swimsuit designers such as Salinas adorned bandeaus, triangle tops and bottoms with rainbow accents.

Today, Fruity Pebble Lane is a parking lot, my little shitbox car is no more and I haven't had one of those Popsicles in years. I still have the rainbow flip-flops, however, and will be wearing them fashionably and with pride this summer. Maybe with my fresh and clean white jeans.

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